• Lendlease understands that shopping centres are not just about buildings, but the retailers who operate in them and the people who visit them every day.

    Our overarching goal is to deliver exceptional retail experiences for our customers and retailers alike. We want to connect with surrounding communities and partner with our owners, retailers and suppliers to deliver innovative and integrated retail solutions.

    Over the past twelve months, we have had a dedicated team working on improving business processes and systems to help our retailers operate their businesses more effectively. A new system, which is now available for you is the Lendlease Retailer Portal. The Retailer Portal is an online hub that makes it quick and easy for retailers to access important information relevant to the Lendlease centre/precinct they are located in. Retailers will also be able to access financial documents such as tax invoices. This exciting initiative will be a sustainable way for us to work together into the future. The Portal will grow over time, with new functions to be added in the coming months.  Please keep logging into the Portal to see this new functionality.

    To log on to the Lendlease Retailer Portal, please click on the button below. You can also watch a short three-minute video to understand how to navigate around the site. Click here to view the video.

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  • Lendlease’s leasing team ensures that all tenants add value to the retail mix and enhance the assets performance. Our approach to leasing is strategic, we take into consideration the market research, the existing retail mix in the trade area and the demand for retail space.

    Unlike most leasing teams, Lendlease teams’ skill set does not stop at leasing. The majority of our business has been exposed to numerous property disciplines and worked on a range of projects varying in size and complexities throughout their career.

    Expertise including; project management, centre management, operations, development and even marketing are all evident. Having a holistic approach to property allows us to develop retail plans that factor in the entire life cycle of any asset. From a retailer perspective, it means the team can talk to any stage of a project and have an in-depth understanding of the direction of the asset at any point in time.

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  • Flexible, high traffic, affordable retail space...

    Lendlease Pop Up retail can help your brand stand out in some of Australia's most exciting retail centres. We offer prime pop up sites directly in front of major tenants, busy thoroughfares and centre entrances, delivering high visibility right on the 'ant trail'.

    This is an affordable, low-risk options that's perfect for retailers looking to trial a new product or service with a quick turnaround.

    We can tailor a package suited to your specific needs and then follow up with specialists on the ground to guide you. With expert local knowledge out team will help you to achieve your business goals.

    So if it's time to launch a concept, test and idea or grow your brand, it's time to POP UP!

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